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Parenting Essentials After Separation

By Robert E. Fravel, Esq. It is not uncommon for a couple to separate after having a child, even if there was no marriage.  It is also fairly common for the two parents to decide to try and “work it out outside of court” regarding the custody and care of their...

How to Deal with a Shady Executor

By Robert E. Fravel, Esq. Imagine the following scenario: Your father, who was your only remaining parent, has just passed away.  In his Will, he named his youngest brother as Executor.  His Will states that you are the sole heir to his estate.  After...

Divorce in Pennsylvania

By Robert E. Fravel, Esq. While divorce can be a long, painful process for all involved, Pennsylvania actually has very flexible divorce laws.  Pennsylvania allows a divorce when one party sues for divorce (the traditional method), AND Pennsylvania also allows...