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Family Law

Family law issues tend to have a long lasting impact on all parties involved.  From divorce to child custody, the issues decided during these types of legal matters are extremely important and can be emotionally taxing.  Don’t go through it alone.  You need an experienced attorney to help you through the process and ensure that the matter is handled properly.   


Divorce: Dividing property and establishing proper amounts for spousal support are important aspects of all divorces.

Child Custody: Establishing the guidelines for parental custody is something that is absolutely necessary for any separated couple with a minor child.  This requires an experienced attorney who knows the rules of civil procedure along with applicable local rules.  Additionally, sometimes an existing custody order needs to be modified because the situations of the children and/or parents have changed.  Having an attorney who is familiar with this process is key to successfully managing this process.

Child Support:  Taking care of a young child can be expensive.  Make sure you and you child are being adequately provided for under the laws of Pennsylvania.