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Family Law

Family law issues tend to have a long lasting impact on all parties involved.  From divorce to child custody, the issues decided during these types of legal matters are extremely important and can be emotionally taxing.  Don’t go through it alone.  You need an experienced attorney to help you through the process and ensure that the matter is handled properly.  


Business law 

Individuals in the business world are faced with a unique set of legal issues that can greatly impact the success or failure of the business if not handled properly.  If you are unsure of what to do or how to handle a particular situation, consult an attorney with experience in this area.  Call or Click Here to schedule your consultation with Robert Fravel. 

Probate & Estate ADMINISTRATION 

When a Pennsylvania resident passes away, his or her estate must go through “probate” in order to distribute the assets left behind and wind-up all the affairs of the decedent.  Probate is the term for the legal process of proving the validity of a will and administering the estate of the deceased.  The probate process is very time sensitive and involves multiple deadlines related to the filing of petitions, inheritance tax returns, notice requirements, inventories and status reports.  Do not hesitate to start this process!   If you have a loved one who recently passed away and you need assistance with the Pennsylvania probate process, contact Robert Fravel today for a consultation. 


Estate planning

People often assume estate plans are only for the wealthy.  That could not be further from the truth.  Everyone has an estate and everyone can benefit from having an estate plan in place.  So what is an estate?  Generally speaking, your “estate” comprises everything you own; vehicle(s), bank accounts, real estate, securities, personal possessions, etc.  When you die (yes, unfortunately this will eventually happen) those assets that you owned during your life will be given to someone else.  Having an estate plan allows you to provide legally binding instructions on how you want your property handled and which individuals or organizations will receive your property.  Setting up an estate plan will allow you to make informed decisions about who will receive your assets and how your assets will be handled (while you are still alive!) Additionally, having an estate plan will enable you to maximize the value you pass along to your beneficiaries.   That is the general overview of estate planning, but there is much more to estate planning than just deciding who will receive your property when you die.